Umbraco v5 - What's new ?
Thursday, November 10, 2011

We're sure everyone wants to know more about Umbraco v5. Since we had the opportunity to bring Alex Norcliffe to Belgium this is your chance to learn all about it.

Alex will be walking through some of the features and implementation details of Umbraco 5, including building your first site and plugging in custom data. All are welcome whether you're just about to get into Umbraco or have already run yourself through the v5 codebase line by line.


Alex Norcliffe


Alex is a technical genius and responsible for the technical side of Umbraco 5. He's "the sharp" in c# and a master at making diagrams in Visio that needs at least an A2 printer to fit. In other words, he's not only able to think big but also to put all the pieces together as beautiful architecture.

18h - registration

18h15 - Alex Norcliffe talks about Umbraco v5

19h - Q&A

Driving instructions


Leonardo Da Vincilaan 3
1935 Zaventem


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